Five Unusual Places to Stay the Night in Sweden

My name is Maria and together with my husband Alex I run the travel blog We love to write about unusual experiences and our blog’s unique niche is to visit theme restaurants and cool places around world. Because we really like this kind of extreme experience, it quickly became a natural step for us to also stay in unusual hotels when we are traveling.

Last year my husband and I decided to do something different on our holiday. We decided to go on a road trip in Sweden and stay at the most unusual and most interesting hotels and hostels we could find. This was a fabulous experience where we stayed one day in the woods in a little hut with no running water and electricity for the next day sleeping in a beautiful fairytale castle.

In Sweden, there is a wide range of extreme hotels and accommodations to choose from. How about sleeping in the deep forest in a troll tree stump or in a large mushroom? You may want to sleep in an underground suite in a silver mine or in a small red traditional Swedish cottage high up in a tree. Most of these experiences makes you believe that you woke up in a fairy tale? Now I’m going to tell you about five fairytale places we stayed in last year when we traveled around in Sweden.


1. Stay in a Silver Mine

In Sala silver mine, you can sleep in one of the world’s deepest suites. The exclusive suite can be found 155 meters down in the mine. That makes this suite to one of the world’s most unique place to stay overnight. Ulrica Eleonora’s mine is an exciting almost magical place where you will find underground lakes, unique mountain halls and small labyrinth of roads inside the mountain. It is also a very historical place where the mining of silver began at 11th century. The suite is warmed up to 18 degrees Celsius and is warm and cozy (relatively).

On the dining table, we find a basket with chilled wine, delicacies, fruit and chocolate. It’s a strange feeling to know we have the whole mine for ourselves. Especially after we had heard stories and myths of the white-dressed lady who watches over the mine. Knowing that the mine also is an interesting place for medium and ghost hunters from all around the world does not make the night less exciting. We are not afraid and we sleep safely inside the mountain and the white lady of mine is watching over us. As long as you knock tree times on the wall when you entering the mine and no swearing she will stay friendly.

Sala Silvergruva, Drottning Christinas väg, 733 36 Sala, Sweden

2. Stay Close to Heaven in a Tree Castle

Islanna Tree Hotel is a beautiful tree house that looks like a fairytale castle. Here you stay at the hotel 7th Heaven located 6,5 meters up in the tree in the middle of the nature. The tower room is furnished with high ceilings and chandeliers and the bedroom makes you dream of the fairy tale ”Arabian Nights”. Here I sleep almost as good as a princess to the sound of the trees and the leaves that cradling us gently to sleep. We were welcomed to 7th heaven with a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate and fruit, and in the morning when we wake up, we get a breakfast basket sent up to the tree.

Trädhuset 7:e Himlen Islanna, Ugglum Islanna, 521 94 Falköping, Sweden

3. Stay in a Primitive Charcoal Hut

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge is one of Sweden’s most unusual and primitive hostels. In Kolarbyn you live in small charcoal huts where there is no electricity or running water. Each hut is equipped with a fireplace and two bunks with sheepskin rugs to sleep on. You have to chop your own firewood and drinking water from the natural spring, “Trollbäcken”.

If you want to eat something good, you can find blueberries on the roof, you can also rent a boat and go fishing for the grill. Here in the deep forest it is the silence, the forest and the wilderness that exists. It is time to disconnect everyting else.

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge Skärsjön, Fiskelevägen, 73030 Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

4. Stay in a Troll Tree Stump or in a Mushroom

The Chainsaw artist Sören Niklasson has created these unique fairytale cabins that are located in the woods near Norrqvarn hotel. Here you can stay in a troll tree stump or in a big mushroom. At night, the moon shines up the dark enchanted forest and the experience is really magical, especially for the little ones.

Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, Norrqvarns Slussområde, 548 93 Lyrestad, Sweden

5. Stay in a Little Red Cottage in a Tree

Treehouse Andrum is an idyllic small red house, located 6,5 meters up in the tree. Here you live next door to the squirrels and birds. The decor inside the tree house is in a rustic simple style with a cozy atmosphere. The house also has two terraces where you can sit and look out over the animal pastures and fields.

 Trädhuset Islanna, Ugglum Islanna, 521 94 Falköping, Sweden

More to Discover

These five Swedish unusual hotels make the visitor to believe that they have been transported into a fairytale book. In the deep forest, it is not difficult to imagine fairies dancing at dawn in the forest glade, or believe in the mysteries of the forest like elves and trolls. The best of all – there is much more to discover!

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