Summer in Breathtaking Lofoten

Our Scandinavia has previously published an article from when Helena visited one of Norway´s biggest assets Lofoten during winter time. Lofoten is so beautiful, and has so much to offer. This article we will show the best of Lofoten during summer time.

My Norwegian friend Irene and her boyfriend Kenneth suddenly decided to move from the inner city of Oslo to Lofoten for a period. They love the nature and an active lifestyle, and wanted to try something new. They rented a 160 square meters’ villa for half the cost they got for renting out their two-bedroom apartment in Oslo. The villa even had a small stream in the garden where Kenneth could catch fish for dinner!


Visiting friends in Lofoten

As soon as July came that year, my friend Tone and I went to Lofoten to visit Irene and Kenneth. We flew to Bodø, and from there went with the famous cruise boat Hurtigruten for four hours to Lofoten. Two of Kenneth’s friends was also visiting at the same time, but bedrooms were no problem as Irene and Kenneth had more than enough of them! But they only had one car, meaning we had to split into groups where the first group went with the car and the second group was hiking. Next day we switched. But since I wanted to see as much as possible of Lofoten I usually went in the car with both groups.

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Roadtrips all over Lofoten

We took the car to Haukland Beach, several times named one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and Utakleiv Beach which got to be my favorite. Rørvik Beach did we only see from the car from a distance. There are so many beautiful beaches in Lofotem, and the water so cold they are almost unusable.

We visited the small municipality of Henningsvær and picturesque Reine, being located on the southernmost tip of Lofoten. Many holds Reine to be the absolute most beautiful part of Lofoten, and I tend to agree. When the car went to Reine for the second time, I did not have to hesitate to go there again. We also passed Leitebekken, where the salmon migrate from the ocean to fresh water to spawn during the salmon run, usually in November.

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The small island of Røst

Røst is a small island south of Lofoten. You get there by a ferry, taking a couple of hours. We went for a two-day trip and stayed in an old boathouse. Røst is known for the massive fishing of cod being done there, and almost everyone works with fish. Unfortunately, we were there out of the season, so the drying racks all over the island were empty. While being there we went on a bout tour to Skomvær, which is an even smaller island with a lighthouse. We also saw an eagle from the boat while being on the ocean.

lofoten-norway lofoten-norway

Irene and Kenneth have moved back to Oslo now, but I would like to go back to Lofoten to experience the nature. Having a car is a must to explore Lofoten as the buses are very rare, if any. It is possible to go by plane to Leknes airport on Lofonen, but it requires a stopover, and is quite expensive. Cheap flight tickets can be found from Oslo to Bodø. From bodø you can go with Hurtigruten, as I did, or by the local boat.

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Summer in Breathtaking Lofoten

Our Scandinavia has previously published an article from when Helena visited one...
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