Norrbotten Coast Land

My name is Eva Sollén and since 2011 I run the travel blog People in the Street. My blog features trips to different places in Sweden and Europe, New York and my personal new favorite country, Canada. Of course my blog also covers beautiful Norrbotten where I live.

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Welcome to join me to some of my favorites places around where I live, in the middle of the beautiful cost land of Norrbotten.  A cost land that stretches from Piteå in the south via Luleå, Kalix up to Haparanda. Norrbotten arcipelago have over 3300 islands located in the Bothnia Bay, in the Gulf of Bothnian.

Nottbotten NottbottenNottbotten

Gammelstad Church Town

We lives in Gammelstad Church Town, 10 kilometers outside Luleå. The Church Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site with over 400 original church cottages. In the center of the heritage site the medieval Nederluleå Church from 1492 is located. Built same year as Christoffer Columbus explored America. Guides tours are available all year roud there also a exhibition of the church and a church cottage are included.

Nottbotten Nottbotten

During the Middle Ages Gammelstad Church Town were a trade- and market place and had a harbour where large cargo ships started. Today, the uplift devastated the port and a short distance from the site is currently medieval Hagnan which offers activities including the Swedish traditional festivals.

Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten

Norrbotten Archipelago

My home town of Lulea has 1 300 of the 3 300 islands scattered around the city center and winter time the municipality plows 30 km of roads on the ice. You can even get out to some of the islands by car. Many people choose snowmobiles or skis as transportation, but the majority are walking or skating on the ice roads. During the weekends you can buy refreshments at Gråskälören and it’s a really popular destination.

Nottbotten Nottbotten

The Norrbotten coast is also the place where we have our holiday cottage it is located by the sea in Kalix Municipality in the village of Pålänge. We spend most of our weekends in the cottage and enjoy the outdoor activities the cottage life brings.

Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten

Winter Excursions

In the wintertime we like to ride the snowmobile out to the archipelago to jig fish or to explore new parts of Norrbotten that we have not seen. Degerberget, a close by mountain offers a fantastic and mile long views all the way to Luleå. On the way up to the mountain we pass hundreds of reindeer fed with hay during the winter.

Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten

Wildlife, mainly reindeer, is a major element in the area around our homes. The reindeer migrates down the coast from the inland mountains for the winter to get better access to food.  We have seen the Sami collect and count their herds just steps away from our cottage.

Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten NottbottenNottbotten

Magnificent Nature

What I like the most about Norrbotten coast is the magnificent and beautiful nature. When the snow sparkles, the trees become white and when the sky is filled with amazing colors at sunrise and sunset, I’m grateful that we chose to live right here – even if it’s really cold sometimes. Our location also means that we get to experience the magical Northern Lights several times each winter, and it’s something I never get tired of!

Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten Nottbotten

Welcome to visit my blog People in the Street or my Instagram @evasol if you want to see more from beautiful Norrbotten.

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