Lena Löfblad


Lena enjoys all kinds of travelling; such as major cities, minor picturesque towns and also paradise beaches. But cultural and natural sights is what lies closest to her heart. She likes classical and well known sights presented with a new twist as well as the lesser known up and coming city areas. Lena has a master’s degree in Culture Heritage Care and that makes her have a special interest in UNESCO Worlds Heritage Sights.

Lena is born and raised in Oslo but moved to Stockholm at the age of 18. Since many years she divides her time between the two cities. Lena is, together with her grown up daughter Maxime, the owner of the Swedish travel blog Ladies Abroad, which covers travelling all around the world.

By doing countless family road trips to the Norwegian fjords and mountains while growing up, Lena learned to appreciate beautiful nature and sceneries and this will be one of her focus points in Our Scandinavia.