Landsort, a perfect getaway in the Stockholm archipelago

I recently went on a daytrip to Landsort, one of many islands in the Stockholm archipelago. We spent a few hours exploring the island with Åke (owner of Svedtiljas) and got to experience the idyllic archipelago on a beautiful day. The daytrip was arranged by TBEX and Visit Stockholm and was one of many trips taking place in connection with TBEX.

The Stockholm archipelago is the largest one in Sweden and consists of over 24 000 islands, islets and reefs. It also counts as the second largest archipelago in the Balctic Sea. It’s divided into two main parts, the northern and the southern. There are around 10 000 permanent residents on the islands and around 50 000 summer houses.

You can reach the major islands with either a fixed bridge or a ferry connections. Vaxholm, Värmdö and Ingarö are examples of islands that you can drive to, while Ornö, Ingmarsö and Utö are islands that you can only reach with passenger vessels.

The small island that I visited is called Landsort and it’s located at the southern most tip. To get here, you need to go to Ankarudden’s harbour. We started our day in Stockholm where we got on a bus that would take us there.

M/S Stångskär is the ferry that will take you to the island and back again. You can’t reserve your space on the ferry so it’s best to arrive a little early and get in front of the line.



Feel the wind in your hair

The trip to Landsort takes about half an hour and during the ride there, you’ll see many islands and islets. I loved just being on the ferry, feeling the wind in my hair and enjoying the sunshine. Well, on the way back at least because there was no sunshine on the way to the island.


Lotstornet – a viewing area and a hotel

Our first stop was the Lotstower, where we got to see the most amazing view as far as our eyes could. We saw the lighthouse we were to visit a little later and we saw cute houses and the endless ocean. Landsort truly were the idyllic island I’d imagined it to be. The tower was previously used to keep track of the ocean and all the ships and vessels that went in and out of Södertälje Bay and on towards Stockholm. Today its more used as a viewing tower as well as a small hotel, with six doublerooms available for rent. Just imagine waking up to that view!





Landsort isn’t the real name of the island

Landsort isn’t the real name of the island, but that’s the name it goes by. The island is called Öja while the lighthouse is called Landsort. The next thing on our itinerary was a walk around the island. We saw the little church, some amazing gardens and we walked past Västerhamn. After that it didn’t take us long to reach the lighthouse!










Climbing to the top of the lighthouse

Of course a visit there wouldn’t be complete without getting to the top. So that’s exactly what we did. We climbed to the top and was once again rewarded with the amazing view over the island and the Baltic Sea. And that was the highlight of the tour for me. I love lighthouses.
















Landsort is the perfect getaway from Stockholm

Afterwards lunch was on the schedule and then about an hour of free time before it was time to get on the ferry back to the mainland and end the day. So, if you are looking for the perfect daytrip from Stockholm. Landsort is where you should go!

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