Iceland’s Southern Coast

For our second daytrip on Iceland we chose to explore the southern coast. After an early breakfast we drove east out of Reykjavik, then we headed south to start today´s adventure.

Tha Waterfall Skogafoss

Our first stop was at the waterfall Skogafoss, which is 60 meters high and one of the highest in the country. Skogafoss can be seen from far away, being located in the middle of the green vegetation. The waterfall is visible from the main road and hard to miss while being in the area. Even if the Gullfoss waterfall, being part of the trip Golden Circle, is the more famous one; I prefer Skogafoss over Gullfoss as the former touched me more. It is possible to climb the stairs up to the river forming the waterfall, which gave us a beautiful view over the landscape.

Iceland Island-2 Iceland Island-1 Iceland Island-11

The Glacier Myrdalsjökull

When leaving Skogafoss we continued to the glacier Myrdalsjökull. The glacier´s top is about 1500 meter above the sea level and it covers 600 square kilometres. Myrdalsjökull is Iceland´s second largest glacier and covers and active volcano called Katla. Katla usually erupts every 40 to 80 years and the last time took place was in 1918! Myrdalsjökull is a popular place to visit for climbing, but since tight schedule and no extra time on our daytrip, we had to only watch the other climbers.

Iceland Island-3 Iceland Island-6 Iceland Island-5

The Black Beach Reynisdrangar

Our next stop was the black beach Reynisdrangar from where the basalt sea stacks, made from rapid cooling lava, in the water can be seen. Reynisdrangar means troll cliffs, and of course the legend says there were two trolls carrying a three-masted ship to land when the daylight broke and they froze to stone. In addition to the view there can also been found several old artefacts from old ships placed on the beach.  The rustier; the better motive together with the blue sea!

Iceland Island-9 Iceland Island-8

We were already way behind our timetable for the day, and long past lunch time when we reached Vik. Vik is a little village with small houses with paned windows and lace curtains, and is being known to be the place on Iceland with the highest number of rainy days.

Iceland Island-7

Of course it started to rain during our lunch, and since we had a long way back to Reykjavik we decided to start our return trip. Even if this meant we should miss the glacier Vatnajökull, which is Iceland´s largest. But I guess this gives me an excuse to go back to this fascinating country in the future.

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