Harge, a hidden treasure in Östergötland

It’s one of those place that you can’t really see from the main road, you have to know where you’re going. And you don’t have to stray far from the Road 50 to get here, just a few minutes of driving and you’ve arrived. It’s a hidden beauty and you won’t be sorry when you stop here and find our for yourself!

You will find Harge at the northern end of Lake Vättern. It’s got one of Sweden’s finest inland beach, with a long sandy beach and crystal clear water. Lake Vättern is an amazing lake and Harge is surrounded by magnificent nature and those “wow” kind of moments.

I went there earlier this summer, just when the strawberry season had started. We filled our cooler with those yummy strawberries, ice cold beer and water. Enough for a quiet night near the water. We got there a few hours before sunset and we weren’t the only ones who had the same idea. People were hanging out down by the beach,  in their boats and in the water.

In Harge you will also find a camp where you can spend one night or a few days. You’ll be right on the beach and if that’s not the most perfect location then I don’t know what would be. There’s also an restaurant close by with food and snacks.

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If you want to see something else, you’ve got some amazing places just around the corner.

Harge Headland

Here you will find a few different trails that will show you the coastline of Lake Vättern and hidden beaches. Find more information here.


In Askersund you will find small shops, a few restaurants and it’s close enough to just stop by for an evening.


Motala has even more shops, more restaurants and pizzerias. Definitely worth spending a day here if you’ve got the time.

Find Harge


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