Chasing a waterfall in Norway

Norway is home to amazing waterfalls and I’ve just been to one of them. It’s hidden inside a canyon in Kåfjordalen in the northern parts of the country.

We started our trek to Gorsabrua Bridge and Storfossen waterfall after a relaxing morning in Manndalen. The sun was scorching hot and made the fairly easy hike a bit harder. The path was mostly flat, just a few ups and downs but nothing too hard. But even though it was hot, it was okay. Because you know, we had a waterfall to chase after!














Finally there!

When we arrived at the waterfall, we could see the Gorsabrua Bridge and at first it didn’t seem high at all. But the closer we got, the higher it felt. The canyon is 153 metres high and when you stand on the bridge, you can look straight down into the canyon and over the waterfall.

Norway - Gorsabrua Storfossen


Norway - Gorsabrua Storfossen


Northern Norway’s best kept secret

Something that’s a bit unusual for a waterfall is that you can actually bungee jump from an exit-ramp on the middle of the bridge that stretches over the canyon. While we were standing on the bridge, looking down towards the bottom, I couldn’t imagine that anybody would actually jump from the bridge. The canyon walls felt very narrow.

But, you can jump from the bridge every Saturday during the summers. Read more about bungee jumping here.



A great day-hike

Hiking to view Storfossen was a great way to spend a few hours and I would definitely recommend the hike. But, I have seen more amazing waterfalls and I’m not sure I would visit this one again.

We sat down to eat a light snack before hiking back to the parking lot. And suddenly we got company! Such a cute little ferret that didn’t stay around us too long before he got spooked by a couple of other hikers.

gorsabrua-storfossen-31gorsabrua-storfossen-24 gorsabrua-storfossen-25 gorsabrua-storfossen-26 Norway - Gorsabrua Storfossen gorsabrua-storfossen-28 gorsabrua-storfossen-29 gorsabrua-storfossen-30 gorsabrua-storfossen-32 gorsabrua-storfossen-33 gorsabrua-storfossen-34 gorsabrua-storfossen-35 gorsabrua-storfossen-36 gorsabrua-storfossen-39 gorsabrua-storfossen-40 Norway - Gorsabrua Storfossen

A few tips

Bring a snack to eat when you reach the waterfall

Don’t forget water or your camera

You need at least 2 hours for this hike, if you want to spend some time at the waterfall area

Find the waterfall

You need to go to Birtavarre and from there there will be a sign that says “Gorsabrua”, letting you know which road to turn onto. Keep going on this road until it turns into a serviceroad. You’ll pass one parking lot on the right side, but this is the wrong one unless you want to do a longer hike.

You will see a sign near the parking lot that says Gorsabrua 1,8km.


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  • Hi Helena, I have a question for you…Is it possible to see gorsabrua in april or only in summer season? I’ll be in Tromso on April 15th and 16th and I’d like to go see it! I know that in the summer you can do bungee jumping, but I don’t care, I just want to see that and the canyon!

    thank you for answer! 🙂

    • Hi Matteo! I think it will be possible to see the waterfall and canyon in the spring as well. I guess it depends a little on how much snow there’s left though as it can be harder to get there if there’s a lot of snow.

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