The Frogner Park in Oslo

Norway´s biggest assets are by no discussions the fjords and the beautiful nature in the western and northern parts of the country. Many tourists pass quickly by Oslo without seeing much of the city. OK, the city can never compare with the fjords, but Oslo has quite many beautiful places as well.

There are some places in Norway’s capital Oslo which I appreciate more than other places. I have earlier this summer written an article about Oscarshall, naming it is one of my top five places in Oslo. So is Holmenkollen Ski Jump and its rural surroundings. Another big favourite of mine is The Frogner Park, located in the city centre.

Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken

The Vigeland Installation

The most interesting, as well as the most famous, part of the park are the statues made by the artist Gustaf Vigeland. The park is entered through the impressive gate and you find yourself on an 850-meter-long axis. The total number of statues is 212, made of granite and bronze.

The park is divided into several sections, and the first one is the bridge. On the bridge you find 58 bronze statues, finished in 1940 as the first part of the installation.

Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken

The next part is the fountain. The fountain is also fabricated of bronze, with several big statues on top of it. The statues consist of slim people holding up giant trees, and the resemblance to broccoli cannot be missed by anyone. This is my favourite part of the statues and I never get tiered of exploring all the detail among the people and the trees.

Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken

After the fountain we started to climb the stairs to the Monolith Plateau, passing the terraces covered with flowers. Reaching the plateau, we are met by several granite statues. I loved to climb them as a child, the children still climb them, and I still love to climb them even if being a grown up. The by far most famous part of the park is the statue called The Monolith. The statue consists of 121 people, is made of one block, and is 14 meters tall. This is such an impressing piece of work.

Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken

Herregårdskroen Restaurant

After visiting the Vigeland installation we went the few steps to the nearby restaurant Herregårskroen. The restaurant is idyllically located next to a water pond and all the seating is all outdoor tables. Even if being so close to the Vigeland installation not many tourists find their way here.

Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken Oslo - Norway - Frognerparken

How to get to The Frogner Park

The Frogner Park is about 30 minutes’ walk from the city centre. You can also go by subway to Majorstuen or by the tram to the stop called Frognerparken.

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