A roadtrip in Skåne

Skåne feels like a completely different country! It’s gorgeous landscape is different to the rest of Sweden and makes it a unique county. I recently went on a roadtrip in Skåne together with a friend. Our plan was to drive along the coast for five days.

And we did that, but we never made it further than Falsterbo-Skanör. Why? Well, we loved all the places we visited and didn’t want to rush through them. So we didn’t. And that left us with an unexplored westcoast of Skåne that we had to save for another time. Until then, I’ll tell you about some of the places we did see.

Vattenriket, a wetland area in Kristianstad

We started in Kristianstad with a short walk along Vattenriket, a haven for naturelovers in the city. It’s a protected wetland area in and around Kristianstad, the Helge ridge and along the lower reaches of Hammarsjön. In 2011, the wetlands were designated a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The wetlands is home to an abundance of birds and endangered species and Sweden’s lowest point can be found inside the wetland, 2.41 metres below sea level.

At the far north end of Hammarsjön you’ll find Ekenabben, an area that is known as “Sweden’s rainforest”. We didn’t get to that part of Vattenriket, but it’s a reason to come back! If you want to know more about the wetlands, you can find information here.

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The waterfalls of Forsakar

Our next stop was Forsakar ravine. It can be found near the eastern slope of Linderödsåsen in Degeberga Kristianstad municipality. In the bottom of the ravine you’ll find Skåne’s two highest waterfalls, with a drop of 8 and 10 metres. The area is protected as a naturereserve. We loved walking around the ravine, stopping for photographs all the time. And when we reached the second waterfall… wow. Just wow. It was gorgeous!

We were staying the night at Cocoon Meetings, a small conference center in the countryside. And from there it was an easy walk 15-20 minutes before reaching the nature reserve. We actually stayed in the nature reserve 2 more hours than planned and Bodin from Cocoon wondered where we’d ended up at.. But there was just so much to see! If you’re travelling by car, there are two parking lots on each side of the reserve.

forsakar_vattenfall-01 forsakar_vattenfall-02 forsakar_vattenfall-03 forsakar_vattenfall-04 forsakar_vattenfall-05 forsakar_vattenfall-06 forsakar_vattenfall-07 forsakar_vattenfall-08 forsakar_vattenfall-09 forsakar_vattenfall-10 forsakar_vattenfall-11 forsakar_vattenfall-12 forsakar_vattenfall-13


The northern hills of Brösarp

We still had a few hours left before sunset so after having some sandwiches, we packed the car and drove to the northern hills of Brösarp. It was starting to get cold now and the light was fading fast. We made it just in time though. The hills were amazing! It was hard to capture them on camera, it’s one of those places that’s best seen in real life. So if you’re heading to Skåne soon, don’t miss the northern hills of Brösarp! Many people do, because they’re more intent on seeing the southern hills as they are more famous.

The hills are incredibly scenic all year around and there are plenty of walking trails among the moorland, back landscape and the unique vegetation. The northern slopes are located north of Brösarp community and it part of Verkeån valley nature reserve. The slopes here is created of calcareous sand and you can find sandy Lillies and Sandy cloves here.

brosarps_norra_backar-01 brosarps_norra_backar-02 brosarps_norra_backar-03 brosarps_norra_backar-04 brosarps_norra_backar-05 brosarps_norra_backar-06 brosarps_norra_backar-07 brosarps_norra_backar-08 brosarps_norra_backar-09 brosarps_norra_backar-10 brosarps_norra_backar-11 brosarps_norra_backar-12


My next post will be about the rest of our roadtrip, so stay tuned!

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A roadtrip in Skåne

Skåne feels like a completely different country! It's gorgeous landscape is different to...
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